105 N Main St, Suite 121
Bryan, Texas 77803

PACT Design Studio was founded by architects who believe that good design goes hand-in-hand with craftsmanship and that a beautiful building is a simple one that serves its purpose well. We create buildings and spaces the way we build furniture, by carefully selecting materials that respond to each project’s unique context and then artfully joining those materials to create objects that are useful and elegant, distinct and engaging, contextual and sustainable. 

There are two things that make PACT unique:

First, we like to get our hands dirty. Part of our work space is a commercial shop where we build custom products and fine furniture. Often, the pieces we build become integral parts of the buildings we design.  In our spare time, we tinker with reclaimed and scrap materials to create useful (and sometimes unexpected) objects from materials that have been discarded or deemed “un-usable”. Our work in the shop influences our architecture, and we feel that each makes the other better.

Second, we actively look for opportunities to give back to those who are already giving back. We dedicate a portion of our project schedule to providing design services to non-profit clients, and we promote the idea that good design is for everyone. What is good design? It is the process of taking the time to understand a problem and then solving that problem in a way that is innovative and efficient, user-friendly and rewarding, affordable and long-lasting. At the end of each project, large or small, our goal is for the client to be able to say, “This makes my life better.”